Departemen Matematika FMIPA Universitas Padjadjaran, Jl. Raya Bandung-Sumedang Km. 21, Jatinangor-Sumedang 45363

Prof. Dr. Asep Kuswandi Supriatna, MS.

Guru Besar

Course Lectures

  • Mathematical Modeling, Research Methodology, Applied Population Dynamics, Computational Mathematics, Boundary Value Problems, Differential and Difference Equations.

Reseach Interest :

  • Natural Resource Modeling, Mathematical Ecology, Mathematical Epidemiology, Mathematical Bioeconomics, Mathematical Criminology and Terrorism, Industrial and Environmental Mathematics, Fuzzy Dynamical System.


  • Bsc in Mathematics (Universitas Padjadjaran; Supervisor: Drs. Supriadi W; Completed 1988)
  • Msc in Mathematics (Institut Teknologi Bandung; Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Edy Soewono; Completed 1992)
  • Ph.D in Applied Mathematics (Adelaide University, Australia, Completed 1998; Thesis: Optimal Harvesting Theory for Predator-Prey Metapopulations; Supervisor: Prof. Hugh P. Possingham DPhil., FAA)
  • Post Doctoral Research: The Dynamics of Age-Structured and Spatially-Structured Dengue Disease Model with and Without Vaccination; Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Edy Soewono (ITB) and Prof. Dr. S.A. van Gils (Twente University, the Netherlands, 2006-2008)

Research Summary



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